How do you finance solar and battery storage? Easy, the same payment options available for commercial solar energy systems: loans, cash and PPA’s are available for commercial energy storage systems. 

Businesses that install Solar + Storage as a package may only need one financing transaction for the entire project. 

HomeGrid representatives can walk you through the best-in-class financing optionsfor your project so you can choose what works best for your situation. 

Solar Energy Storage Incentives for Businesses 

Several government-sponsored programs reduce the upfront cost.  In addition, energy storage systems pay for themselves through savings and improved business continuity.  

  • The (ITC) Investment Tax Credit pays you 26% of the cost of your energy storage system in a tax credit. The ITC has been decreasing over time, so keep that in mind – right now may be the best time to install a battery system before the tax credits decrease even further
  • Bonus depreciation reduces the business taxes you pay by accelerating the rate at which you depreciate the system on your tax returns.
  • California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) provides rebates for “advanced energy storage” (AES) systems, including some commercial solar energy storage systems.

Learn more about these incentives in our Learn section 

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