As the solar power industry races to push the limits of clean energy, more and more homes and businesses are seeking ways to get off the utility grid and maximize their clean energy output. 

It would be nice if the sun let its rays shine down on us 24 hours a day, imagine how much power we could generate that way! Unfortunately, we know that is an impossible pipe dream.   

That being said, even with the sun shining only part of the day many homes with solar still produce more power than what they currently use.. 

Homes and businesses are now installing storage batteries in droves to store all the excess power.  Why not? Store it and use it later as we see fit!  

Adding battery storage unit as a stand alone unit or to a solar array isn’t cheapstorage batteries can range from 5k – 30k, sure- the wallet takes a nice hit, however, in the long term, it decreases the per kWh cost to consumers – not only do you save money but you have peace of mind that if there is ever a blackout – your home will have power to keep you and your family safe.   

For the last twenty years or so, lithium ion batteries have been used as the main backup source.  These lithium ion batteries are inexpensive, and, as more devices and vehicles come to rely on them, its obvious why we’re seeing a saturated battery market.  

As this saturation continuesthe cost of storage batteries will continue to decrease which is always a good thing for the consumer.  

Lithium ion batteries last longer than the alternatives, so it’s easy to see why lithium ion has been the #1 battery of choice for stand alone backup systems as well as those paired with solar. 

HomeGrid Energy is proud to say  “lithium ion move over” – there’s a new sheriff in town – The Lithium IRON Phosphate storage battery –

This is what you want!  

 “Revolt” is our 19.2 kWh / 14.4 Discharge Lithium Iron Phosphate storage battery (LiFePO4 battery).  Revolt is a premium storage battery, high build quality at an attractive price point. 

Information our Revolt Storage Battery 

Less Cell Density 

  • Lithium iron phosphate batteries are highly unlikely to overheat or worse – catch fire, even if they are overcharged.  
  • The advantage is stability is particularly pronounced in higher temperature environments, 


  • Lasts significantly longer than the standard lithium ion variety.  
  • Longer shelf life means a lesser chance that your battery will go out at the wrong time 
  • Lithium iron phosphate batteries are also practically maintenance-free, they can be installed in indoors / outdoors / on-grid / off-grid 

 Environmental Advantages 

  • Lithium iron phosphate batteries are more environmentally friendly than other batteries on the market.  
  • Lithium iron phosphate batteries are not considered toxic. They contain common and readily available materials like iron, graphite and copper.  
  • Increased safety, long life span, environmental advantages 

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