Are You a Renewables Developer?

    Why HomeGrid?:

    Like you, we want a world that runs on clean sustainable energy. Like you, we want to be prepared and avoid horrific experiences like what our brothers and sisters in Texas are going through.

    This passion was the force behind the manufacturing of the most powerful home storage battery unit on the market – The HomeGrid “Revolt” our 19.2 KWH Lithium “Iron” Phosphate Battery, a complete off-grid solution that can power your entire home for days at a time, this thing is a Monster!

    Our goal is to help pave the way for energy independence one home at a time.

    Our product and our customer service are simply, second to none. Your battery storage unit will be professionally installed and we’ll even show you some tips and tricks on how to maximize the benefits to save you the most money.

    Times are changing, having a battery storage unit in your home is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity and it’s soon to be a mandate! Be prepared

    With so many low-quality storage batteries on the market today it’s hard to know which one is right for you and your family. We’ve made it simple for you to find out –

    Simply Click to Call or Tap to Text to speak with someone about how “Revolt” our premium battery storage unit can keep you and your loved ones safe, comfortable, and protected for years to come.


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    What are Batteries?

    Battery energy storage systems are rechargeable systems that store energy from the electric grid or solar arrays that provide energy to a home or business.


    Lithium “Iron” Phosphate of LFP storage batteries contain superior technology that regular lead acid batteries or Lithium-Ion batteries do not, they can perform certain tasks were at one point very difficult or impossible, such as load shifting or peak shaving.

    Are Home Batteries Worth it?

    With natural disasters becoming more frequent and the rising cost of utility the short answer in our opinion is – Yes!


    The idea that our home or business is now able to store power for later use is an attractive option. If you live in a sunny state and already have solar – storage batteries can help you cut your electricity bill significantly, however, you can still take advantage of many benefits even if you do not have Solar.


    More importantly storage batteries for your home or business can protect your family and friends keep the lights on whenever the electric grid has goes down.


    Lithium Iron Phosphate:
    Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries or (LFP) are types of lithium-ion batteries – Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are known for their longer life and inherent safety.


    Built-in cooling systems:
    The battery cooling system ensure that your unit will perform at its optimal level


    Weatherproof Construction:
    Our storage battery systems can be installed outside without the need to add protective structures.


    Scalable Architecture:
    As your energy needs grow it is possible to add additional storage battery units and link them to form a larger battery storage system.

    Does Battery Energy Storage Work Without Solar?

    Yes – You don’t need Solar Panels to take advantage of the benefits that storage batteries can offer.

    What Are Some Benefits of Having a Storage Battery without Solar?

    Peak Shaving:

    With peak shaving, a consumer reduces power consumption – peak shaving makes sense to avoid peak loads and helps to keep utility costs low.


    Load Shifting:

    Load shifting means using your higher energy-sucking appliances during sunshine hours. If you were previously using those appliances in the morning or at night, you will be shifting your electricity load – if this seems confusing – no worries – Click to Call or Tap to Text – we’re here to make things simple and easy


    Emergency Backup:

    Having a power outage backup plan is important for all families.
    If you currently rely on the grid for backup, what happens if a natural disaster happens – think Texas!

    In emergency situations, storage battery backup power can be a lifesaver. If you dont have solar as of yet you can charge your HomeGrid “Revolt” battery from the Grid just like you charge your cellphone and the battery will hold a massive amount of emergency power

    Can I Purchase Both a Storage Battery and Solar Panels directly with HomeGrid?

    Yes, we will create a custom Solar Deal for you with panels and a storage battery that satisfies your energy consumption needs. We have Some great Deals going on Now so.

    Click to Call or Tap to Text with any questions.

    Do Storage Batteries Come with a Warranty?

    Yes! Our products come with the industry-standard 10-year Manufacturers Warranty and a 20-year Serviceable Warranty.

    Is Battery Energy Storage Safe?

    Absolutely Yes! Storage batteries are incredibly safe.


    Our Storage Batteries are accredited to international safety standards. They are built to operate safely even in the most extreme conditions. HomeGrid “Revolt” Home Storage Batteries are designed to be water-resistant, dustproof, and tolerant to a wide range of temperatures.

    They can be mounted indoors or outside. There are no exposed wires or hot vents. They’re touch-safe and pet and kid-friendly.

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    No commitment is necessary – We do not engage in high-pressure sales tactics

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    Our hope is to impress you with our product knowledge and professionalism – our hope is to earn your trust and business the right way