Power On

Powering your home with off-grid energy has never been easier. 

Generate Energy

Generate cheap and sustainable power.

Store Energy

Store your excess energy in a safe and compact system.

Convert Energy

Take power from any source and turn it into power you can store and use.

Power Appliances

Don’t become victims of extreme weather. Keep your heat and air conditioning on in the face of disaster.

Entire-house Energy

No need for critical load panels, run your whole house on our battery.

Reserve For Your Home

Goodbye generator. Welcome savings and serenity.

Energy costs from HomeGrid  are a fraction of that from a propane or diesel generator which are traditionally used for backup of off-grid power. At today’s prices, propane or diesel power for home or business costs U.S.$ 1.25 or 0.55 per kilowatt-hour, respectively, while power from HomeGrid can be as little as U.S.$ 0.20 cents per kilowatt-hour. Your solar energy prices are locked in at this cheep rate, where as fossil fuel prices continue to surge. Then there is the serenity your HomeGrid solar+battery system brings. It puts an end to noxious emissions, noise, vibrations, and you will never run out of fuel.

Diesel vs. Home Grid

95 Decibels

Diesel sound

40 Decibels

HomeGrid sound

250 mg / kWh

Diesel NOx emissions

o mg / k Wh

HomeGrid NOx emissions

610 g / kWh

Diesel CO2 emissions

0 g / kWh

HomeGrid CO2 emissions

Power Your Home

Our lithium iron phosphate chemistry allows for a safe and reliable whole home backup. With a team of electrical engineers we customize your system to match your families needs.

With a larger system we are able to power all of your appliances, rather than just your fridge and lights. Your AC and heaters will run, you can do your laundry, you can connect to work and school on your wifi, and cook in your kitchen.


With a larger capacity than other options on the market, HomeGrid allows you to maintain independence from the grid.

Save Money

Pair your battery with solar for the biggest savings and avoid expensive grid prices.


10 years with 20-year serviceable plan


We install and support all of our battery products with all of our customers. Rest easy knowing you're in good hands.

Reserve For Your Home

About The Battery

Charge your battery with solar or the grid in the morning to avoid paying peak rates in the afternoon and evening.

Combine HomeGrid with your solar system to save even more. Solar stops producing around 4pm, which is right when peak prices start. Pairing HomeGrid with your solar panels can drop your bill to zero.


Battery Chemistry
Nominal DC Voltage
48 V DC
19.2 kWh
Discharge & Charge
300 A (14.4 kW)
Max Systems in Parallel
15 (288 kWh)
10 Year Warranty